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Name of Tourist Attraction Location / Brief Description
St. Augustine Church Zone V, Iba, Zambales A church built in 1703 out of coral and limestone. On Aug. 28, 1901, the 2ndPhilippines Commission, headed by William Howard Taft convened at St. Augustine Cathedral and declared the establishment of the Zambales Province.
Marker of the Birthplace of the Late President Ramon P. Magsaysay Zone I, Iba, Zambales
Marker of the Brief History of Iba Zone V, Iba, Zambales
Tomb of Bishop Henry Byrne Zone V, Iba, Zambales
The Iba Airport Panibuatan, Iba, Zambales

List of Beach Resorts in Iba, Zambales

Marimar Beach Resort Bangantalinga (047)811-1876 Ernesto Abijay
Sabangan Beach Resort Bangantalinga 0919-358-8678 Anastacio Dela Cruz
Tammy’s Beach Resort Bangantalinga (047)811-2965 Primitivo Dominguez
Lajendenjoy Beach Resort Bangantalinga (047)811-1559 Cynthia Fermil
Luming’s IJL Beach Resort Bangantalinga Kenneth Giron
Lindamar By the Sea Beach Resort Bangantalinga 0917-426-3836 Luzaida Linda
La Vista Hotel & Beach Resort Bangantalinga Mary Jane T. Mia
Herra Beach Resort Bangantalinga (047)811-1556 Raquel Ortea
Palmera Beach Resort Inc. Bangantalinga (047)811-2109 Palmera Beach Resort Inc.
Bakasyunan sa Baybay Dagat Amungan (047)811-3234 Centro Specialist Co. Ltd.
Emshieneil Beach Resort & Event Place Amungan Arnel M. Garcia
Molino Beach Resort Amungan Cesar Molino
Monte Carlo Beach Resort Lipay-Dingin Ernesto Abraham
Beach Valley Resort Lipay-Dingin (047)811-2425 Helen Cloma
Sajorda River Park Lipay-Dingin Quintin Sajorda
Marble Inn Resort Lipay-Dingin (047)811-2062 Leticia Verzosa
Island Grace Beach Resort Lipay-Dingin Grace Bonglo
Iba White Sand Beach Resort Bangantalinga (047)811-1764 Beatriz Leomo
Lia’s Beach Resort Bangantalinga Edwina Manayan
2ny-Lyn Fermil’s Beach Resort Bangantalinga Eden Pamintuan
Vicar Beach Resort Bangantalinga Perseveranda Rebultan
Tampisaw sa Iba Beach Resort Lipay-Dingin Enrico Roque
Sand Francisco Beach Resort Bangantalinga Franco Limbag
Ambay Garden Beach Resort Lipay-Dingin 0919-275-6396/0920-712—9497 Leslie Anne Peralta
Municipal Bldg. Zone 1l, Iba, Zambales

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