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IBA, ZAMBALES– The Municipal Agriculturist Mrs. Eden Tabua, together with Municipal Meat Inspector Reylem Esposo, Livestock Inspector Robert Soberano assured that there is no African Swine Fever (ASF) in Iba, Zambales.

This comes after one consumer reported that there are several “suspicious” deaths of hogs in Sta. Barbara, Iba , Zambales.

According to Mr. Esposo, they are strictly regulating that all hogs being sold in the New Iba Public Market have Meat Inspection Certificate, and are locally produced.

Municipal Mayor Jun Rundstedt C. Ebdane and Vice Mayor Irenea Maniquiz thru the Market Administrator Charlotte Roa-Calimlim conducted a meeting with the Meat Vendors today September 23, 2019 to ensure them that Iba is ASF Free.

Based on the advisory, all frozen meat must be stored in a product temperature which will not exceed zero degrees celsius.

He also urged the cooperation of the public regarding the ASF issue.

Based on studies conducted by veterinarians outside the Philippines, the infection is believed to have originated from ornithodoros, a type of soft-bodied tick. Hogs are infected after they are bitten by a tick, which then contaminates their blood.

The virus has no effect on humans but there is a need for strict monitoring at airports and seaports in order to prevent the virus from entering the country.

Earlier this year, China culled over a million pigs in a bid to control the spread of the virus.

China’s National Bureau of Statistics reported the outbreak has caused the country’s pig population to decline by nearly 40 million to 375.3 million from a year earlier.
Analysts, however, believe China has been underreporting the situation.

Aside from China, the disease has also ravaged hog farms in other Southeast Asian countries.

In response to the issue, the local government has advised consumers to avoid buying pork products from China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.