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Mission & Vision


“To provide quality services and equal opportunities for the general welfare of Ibanians geared towards sustainable economy, people empowerment and ecologically-balanced environment through efficient, honest and upright public service to the glory of God.”


“Imploring the aid of the Almighty, we envision Iba as a center for tourism, education and sports development of Zambales, with God-fearing and empowered citizenry who live in a safe and ecologically-balanced environment, a progressive and sustainable economy under a dynamic, transparent, and responsive leadership.”


  1. Ensure and promote the general welfare and safety of the people.
  2. Enhance people’s right to balanced ecology.
  3. Improve economic prosperity and social justice.
  4. Preserve the comfort and convenience of the citizen.


The LGU of Iba adopts the following 5-point strategy to reach its goals:
  1. Enhancement of basic services delivery on health, nutrition, education, housing including people’s welfare and development.
  2. Promotion and institutionalization of comprehensive environmental management system.
  3. Extensive infrastructure support facilities development to spur growth and progress.
  4. Enhancement of LGU’s developmental administrative capabilities for effective local governance.
  5. Strengthen the tie and linkages of LGU partnership among NGA’s, NGO’s private and business sectors for various development undertaking.