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Welcome to the webpage of the Municipality of Iba, Zambales, a diverse and vibrant community dedicated to making a better life and developing all of its citizens to their utmost potential.

The Municipality offers the most dynamic, responsive, and engaging range of services to the community. it encompasses every discipline of services including education, health, sanitation and social development. We strive to uniquely position our citizens for success.

I can’t think of a better place to work, live, love and learn.

On this Website, you can read about and hear from our government and community leaders, and you can learn about the transparent governance that brings the delivery of services, as well as about our development plans that forms a community of students, farmfolks, fisherfolks and entrepreneurs, which shape our community lives. There are fantastic opportunities on store at our town from centers of educational excellence, to agricultural research experiences, community engagement and access to a truly responsive leadership.

Welcome to the Heart of Zambales. Welcome to IBA!

About Us


Founded by Recollect priests in 1611, the village of Paynawen moved from one place to another until it settled permanently along the banks of Bancal River, where a fort was built as a defense against pirates who constantly molested the region.

In 1860, the administration of the town was turned over to the Dominican priests.

Municpal Profile

Physical Profile

Iba is centrally located at the western coast of the Province, at the coordinates of 119 degrees – 58 minutes east longitude and 15 degrees – 19 minutes north latitude.

It is bounded on the north by the Municipality of Palauig, on the west by the South China Sea, on the east by Tarlac Province and on the south, by the Municipality of Botolan. Its coastline has a total span of 12.00 km. from its northern boundary of Bagsit River down to its southern limit of Bancal River.


Tourist Spots / Attractions

Name of Tourist AttractionLocation / Brief Description
St. Augustine ChurchZone V, Iba, Zambales A church built in 1703 out of coral and limestone. On Aug. 28, 1901, the 2nd Philippines Commission, headed by William Howard Taft convened at St. Augustine Cathedral and declared the establishment of the Zambales Province.
Marker of the Birthplace of the Late President Ramon P. MagsaysayZone I, Iba, Zambales
Marker of the Brief History of IbaZone V, Iba, Zambales
Tomb of Bishop Henry ByrneZone V, Iba, Zambales
The Iba AirportPanibuatan, Iba, Zambales


News & Events